How did Antropologias start?

The importance of keeping your body healthy cannot be overstated in a world where a pandemic can come out of nowhere and threaten the whole world equally. As someone who personally struggled with their immunity growing up, I remember clearly the moment when I wanted to start Antropologias.

It was when my best friend had a heart attack at 36 during a music concert. She survived, but it changed her outlook on life forever. I had always heard about this happening to younger people nowadays, but it doesn’t hit you until it happens to someone close to you. As someone who always puts their health first, I felt obligated to share my methods with people, to help them or their loved ones stay fit and live longer.

Hola! This is Maria!

Hello everyone! I’m Maria Lopez, the person behind Antropologias. The motto I have always lived by is “bodies are like temples, sacred”. I used to be sick a lot as a child, mainly because my family did not have access to the cleanest food and water. Lying sick in bed, I used to pray for health as my ancestors prayed for rain during harvest season. Luckily, I had the opportunity to study and make my way to college. There I majored in Anthropology with a minor in Health and Nutrition.

Antropologias came about eventually as a result of the world around me becoming more health-conscious. So many people were trying new things to become fit and improve their lifestyle, but often found themselves lost among the variety of options out there. That’s where I found my calling.

A healthy life has always been a part of my culture, and the more I dug into it, the more I discovered traditional methods of preserving one’s body. Using this traditional knowledge and updating it with a touch of modern technology, I was able to realize and concoct guides to living a healthy life. These guides, along with workout advice and finding the right supplements, are what now make up my life’s work that I share here with you!