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Today’s the day you’ve decided to turn your life around for the better – way to go! Welcome to Antropologias.com, where you can find the right way to get healthy. Discover my plethora of blog posts about health, fitness, and the latest news in nutrition and supplements. 

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I won’t lie to you, the road to eating healthy, resisting temptation, and turning your mom and dad bod into god bod won’t be easy. However, if you follow my modern approach to living, and keep up with the latest posts here, you’ll start to see improvements very soon! There’s something here for almost everyone, from young people who want to feel their best to older folk trying to stay active. Keep reading to find the regimen that works for you!

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Health Potions

You might think I’m an apothecary or a witch standing over a black cauldron since I’m talking about Health Potions, but that’s not entirely true. Health Potions don’t just mean bitter, green-colored thick shakes that you have to drink every morning.

It’s more about how you treat your body – knowing how it responds to different nutrients and shaping your diet accordingly. Here, you can read all about the kind of foods and drinks you should be having and the kind you should avoid. Occasionally, there might be some mean green potions, but only to boost your immunity or purify your body.


If you’re a working man or woman, with little free time on your hands, you might not be eating properly or getting enough sleep or sunlight.

That is why you need supplements in your life – vitamins, whey protein, creatinine, melatonin, etc. Supplements play a big part in your health, and if you think they don’t, maybe reading a few of these posts will change your mind.

World of Workout

This is where you can find advice, guides, and fitness regimens that you need to get your body in the best shape it’s ever been in. But most important of all – remember to hydrate!

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